Friday, September 14, 2012

Nerve Wracking Moment!

No matter how big your problems, they are smaller than God's power. Place your life and your problems in God's hands

What is the most nerve wracking moment that has ever happened to you? To some people my story might be shallow but for me its really nerve wracking and it almost killed, well not literally! Anyway, I was saying the most nerve wracking moment is when my final exams in two subjects both had the same schedule.. What I mean by that is they both had the same time and the same day, which really made me panicked when I was checking the final exams schedule! I began contemplating and asking myself " how the heck am I gonna do this?" but I realized that asking myself questions won't do me any good, and so I went back to school to see if they were really at the same time and the same day...Sadly they were!

I told my friend about my dilemma and she suggested to talk to my teacher about it, unluckily the only no. of the teacher that I have was the rude one, there's no way that she'll let me take the exam at an earlier time... and I was right, but she did let me take it up around 3;30  but the only problem is that I had another exams at that time. So without any other options, I went to class hoping and praying that the proctor would allow me to take my exams early and by God's grace he did allow me and I was able to finish all my exams on time.

God will never leave you nor forasake you!
- Joshua 1;5-