Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dealing with a Gg!

What makes you happy?

- Lots of things make me happy, but there are also lots of things that rob me of my joy! It's really hard to be joyful especially when there are people that are hard to love, but there's always a solution to that.

Just like some of you guys, there's a certain person I really hate! Seeing him/ her doing her pacute face disgust me and hearing him/ her brag about nonsense just ticks me off, have you encountered such things? Anyway,  I was just so tempted to say bad things in front of his/ her face, but I realized that I would be less of a person if I do that and my actions wouldn't glorify God. Besides, It's not worth the time and making other people feel bad will only break you and enslave you. So, instead of being brutal to a person that you hate, just choose the easy and the joyous life with life with these strategies:

1. Always think about the consequences- I know that he/ she is such a feeler (he/ she will probably assume that you like her even though you just met) and you're just so tempted to hurt his/ her feelings, but we just have to think twice about our actions because our words have a big impact on other people's lives, that's why we need to guard our toungue and  wouldn't want other people to hurt do we?

2. If you can't love him/ her, don't look at him/ her- I know that God commanded us to love other people, but i'm just still in the growing process and honestly, I don't want to love the Gg and so what I do is not to stare at him/ her and pretend the he/ she doesn't even exist! well, that's better than being brutal to him/ her right?

3. Always think about being a better person- sometimes, when people are so mean and arrogant we have the tendency to be meaner, but that's not how it's supposed to be... We have to think what is good for us! Don't commit the same mistakes as what others did.

4. Be a remote control- Don't let your emotions control you, you have to be the one controlling your emotions.

5. Erase the Gg on your mind instantly- The more you think about him/ her, the more you get angry and the happier she/ he gets.

6. Pray- Ask God to help you be less of a hater, who knows he might do a miracle! Besides, there is nothing to lose when you pray.

7. Always think about being loved by others- One reason why other people choose to be nice and friendly is because they want to gain friends and to be love by others. Let's face it! People wouldn't want to listen to a person who always talk about how good looking she/ he is right? But the real question is... is he/ she really good looking? haha just kidding aside and it's also half meant!

Peers might call me a coward for not doing the ways of the world, which is saying mean things to him/ her  but I don't regret my decision because I want to the right thing and doing the right thing is living a peaceful and happy life.

But I gotta admit I still think and laugh about his/ her attitude to my friends and I just did yesterday, So I hope that you'll pray for me that I may be more loving and that I'll be able to keep my mouth shut from saying bad things to him/ her.

Gg: 1.) ganda- gandahan- he/ she thinks that he/ she is Aphrodite and every human in the world will fall for her.


  1. This is so true! Haha this is a much better way of handling those feelers :))

    1. Hahahah thanks cuz >:)< are u gonna take up intecom this term?