Friday, July 20, 2012

Ewwwww... Moment!

" Everything happens for a reason"

What is the most embarassing moment of your life? If you're gonna ask me, the most embarassing moment of my life so far is tripping and falling in the flood along taft!

Here's how the story goes: I was waiting in Umall ( mall near our university) to be fetch by my driver. Unfortunately, the battery of my phone was dead and the phone charger was in the dorm so, I went back to the dorm to charge my phone and comtact the driver. When I was on my way to the dorm, I tried to walk as fast as I can because it was raining hard and the lightning scared me, while I was walking, I tried to get to the side walk that was near a flooded area, I passed through the flooded area not knowing that it was deep and you already know what happened after that! Anyway, I thought swimming in the flood was already the worst thing that can ever happen to me, but I spoke to soon..What's worst than that is twisting my ankle and being mocked by a pedicab driver. He told me that " lahat ng maarteng tao nalulunod". I was really embarassed and I cried a lot while I was dripping wet going back to my dorm.

In the end I was able to charge my phone and contact my driver and when I was in the car, I began to contemplate, I  asked God why it happened to me.  He answered me through my parents by making me realize that I'm still lucky because I'm still alive and nothing really fatal happened to me and now, instead of being bitter about that incident, I now look at it as a blessing! It's a blessing and a proof that everything happens for a reason because It made me realize that a lot of people such as my parents, friends, cousin and my roomates care about me, they we're worried when they heard about it.  

" God prepared a plan for your life alone- and neither man nor the devil can destroy that plan."

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